Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice

Practice with "to be used to"

May 02, 2022 Season 3 Episode 9
Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice
Practice with "to be used to"
Show Notes

This podcast will be doing double duty.*  First, it's another regular podcast to help you learn how to use "to be used to". If you practice all these examples, you should have a good feeling for when and how to use this form. Second, I'll be using this podcast along with a couple of Tandem classes, so that Tandem users can practice the lesson before   the class. We'll see how it goes.

To be used to  = to be accustomed to

1 I'm used to doing that.
2 She's used to working a lot.
3 Our dog is not used to us yet.
4 I can't get used to her accent.
5 I'm not used to so much homework.
6 He's used to traveling for his job.
7 Now that I'm used to my job I like it.
8 Robert is used to helping his parents.
9 John is used to eating a big breakfast
10 I'm used to drinking water with dinner.
11 In the army he got used to taking orders.
12 Mary is used to running 5 km every morning.
13 We are used to cooking for a lot of people.
14 She's used to taking a shower every morning.
15 She is used to practicing piano twice a day.
16 Charlie is used to going to the gym after work.
17 Medical students are used to working all night.
18 Are you used to the cold weather where you live?
19 I'm getting used to studying English all the time.
20 He is used to watching TV for hours every evening.
21 Olympic athletes are used to training all the time.
22 I'm used to sleeping at least seven hours every night.
23 My wife is used to my bad habits. And I'm used to hers.
*24 How can I get used to the terrible food in this country?
25 My dog Ollie is used to going for a walk every afternoon.
26 My wife is French. She's used to drinking wine with dinner.
27 I used to play a lot of basketball when I was in high school.
28 His wife is a doctor. He's used to staying home with the kids.
29 We have a vegetable garden so I'm used to eating fresh vegetables.
30 He's used to speaking English now. All his co-workers are Americans.
31 Now that we have a baby we're used to getting by on very little sleep.
*32 Now I'm living in Britain and I can't get used to the way people speak.
33 In school my language teacher was American so that's the accent I got used to.
*34 I grew up in the country. I can't get used to how noisy it is here in New York.
35 I'm the youngest of seven children so I'm used to wearing hand-me-down clothes.
36 After you've lived in Paris for a year you'll be used to speaking French all the time.

[Note: to get used to is the process of becoming used to something. "He's getting used to his new job," for example. Or "I got used to his accent after a few weeks."

* To do double duty means to do the work of two people, or to do two jobs.

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