Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice

To pick up - phrasal verb

June 01, 2022 Ollie says listen up! Season 3 Episode 14
Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice
To pick up - phrasal verb
Wadjasay? Practice American English Pronunciation
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Some practice with the phrasal verb “to pick up”.

1) I need to move this table. Can you help me pick it up? [lift]

2) I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at 8 and we can drive to work together. [give a ride]

3) The baby started crying so her mother picked her up. [lifted]

4) My father used to have a shortwave radio. Before the internet, he could always pick up the BBC. [listen to]

5) The phone rang and my daughter picked it up and said, “Hello, this is Lucy.” [lift]

6) I picked up Russian while I was living in Moscow. [learned]

7) Try this cold lemonade. It will pick you up. [make you feel better]

8) I hope business picks up soon. [gets better]

9) I think there’s a storm coming. The wind is really picking up. [getting stronger]

10) We had a great meeting yesterday. Let’s pick up where we left off. [continue from]

11) I spend a lot of time picking up after my grandchildren. [cleaning up after]

12) The sick mountain climber was picked up by a rescue helicopter. [rescued]

(This podcast will be continued in the next episode.)

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