Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice

Dictation: Sheila at the supermarket

June 11, 2022 Ollie says listen up! Season 3 Episode 16
Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice
Dictation: Sheila at the supermarket
Wadjasay? Practice American English Pronunciation
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Show Notes Transcript

This dictation is three paragraphs long. It is repeated three times. 


Step One: Listen to the paragraphs as many times as you like. The  more you listen, the easier it will be to write down each sentence.

Step Two: Listen again, but stop after each sentence and try to repeat it to yourself. If you can repeat it, go ahead and write it down. Don’t worry about spelling right now. Just try to record the text as best you can. Skip lines so you can easily go back and make changes later.

Step Three: Listen again, correcting as you go. When you’ve written as much as you can, listen one more time and read silently along with the podcast. If there are words you didn’t capture, leave an empty space with brackets like this:  [                   ] so you can fill it in later.

Step Four: Put away the dictation for a day or two, and then review it again. Listen to the podcast and see if you recognize any words that you missed last time.

Step Five: All done? See the note at the bottom of the page. The transcript link has the dictation text.

Grammar note: All the verbs in this little story are in the simple present tense. If you like, try rewriting the text in the simple past. It would start with: “I had a friend named Sheila…”

Okay, IF and ONLY if you have done the dictation, you may look at the transcript (link above) and correct your work. Thanks!

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Don't look at the text below until you do the dictation first! That's an order. From Ollie!

I have a friend named Sheila. She is from Colombia, but she lives in the United States. She works as a cashier in a supermarket. All day long she scans the food and other things that people buy. Most people pay with debit or credit cards, but if someone pays in cash, she gives them their change. Most of the time another person, called a bagger, works with Sheila. The bagger puts the food and other items into bags for the customers.

Sheila gets up early every morning. She takes a quick shower, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, brushes her hair, and eats a small breakfast. Then she takes a bus to work. The supermarket opens at 7am and Sheila arrives at a quarter to seven (6:45) so she will be ready when the first customers show up.

Sheila finishes work at half past three (3:30 pm). She takes the bus home, changes clothes and goes for a run around her neighborhood. Then she jumps in the shower again, eats a simple dinner (usually leftovers), and goes to school. She has classes every evening, Monday through Friday.  Her first class is English conversation. In her second class she practices reading and writing in English. Her final class every evening is Business English. Sheila is a good student and she studies English day and night. She knows that being fluent in English will help her personally and professionally.