Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice

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July 15, 2022 Ollie says listen up! Season 3 Episode 22
Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice
Please listen to this podcast.
Wadjasay? Practice American English Pronunciation
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Show Notes Chapter Markers

The verb "to listen" is almost always followed by "to". See (and listen to) the examples below:

1) Listen to me!

2) Please listen to your father.

3) What are you listening to?

4) I’m listening to a podcast.

5) What is Sally doing? She’s listening to the news.

6) You’re a famous person so people will listen to you.

7) When I listen to Russian, I don’t understand anything.

8) My children like to listen to fairy tales.

9) He always listens to music when he’s out for a walk.

10) Calm down, take a deep breath, and listen to me.

11) Stop talking and listen to the other people in this group.

12) If you listen to me, I’ll listen to you.

13) What did I do yesterday? I read a book in English and listened to music.

14) Had I been listening more carefully, I would have heard you opening the door.

15) I wish you would listen to me when I talk to you.

16) When I’m studying a foreign language, I often close my eyes so I can listen more carefully to the sounds.

But now and then you don't need the "to". For example: 

17) Okay everybody. Listen up and I’ll tell you the rules of this game. [Teachers will often say "Listen up!" to get a group of children to stop talking and start listening.]

18) My mother likes to listen in on my private phone conversations.

19) Another word for listening in on is eavesdrop. “I put my ear to the door and eavesdropped on my parents’ conversation.” [You could also say "I listened to my parents' conversation.]

20) The coach told the team to listen up. As soon as everyone was quiet, he gave them some last-minute instructions.

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