Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice

More practice with TH

February 24, 2023 Follow on Telegram: https://t.me/NativeEnglishLessons Season 3 Episode 46
Wadjasay? American English Pronunciation Practice
More practice with TH
Wadjasay? Practice American English Pronunciation
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Show Notes

Practice with “th” sounds.

First conversation:

1. I went to a therapist on my birthday.

2. —Why? That seems like a terrible thing to do.

3. My toothbrush threatened me.

4. —What did your therapist say?

5. He told me to think scary thoughts at the toothbrush.

6. —And that worked?

7. I think so. It hasn’t threatened me again.

2nd conversation:

8. Which is heavier: a kilo of feathers or a kilo of lead?

9. —Neither is heavier. A kilo is a kilo.

10. Right! Want another question?

11. —Sure, go ahead.

12. Which is worse: to be really hungry or really thirsty?

13. —Really thirsty I think.

14. I agree. And thirst will kill you faster than hunger.

3rd conversation:

15. I’ll try to make up a new tongue twister for you.

16. —Okay, I’m ready.

17. A thirty-three year old thief thanked his brother thieves for their thoughtful birthday gifts of bathrobes, toothpaste, and toothpicks.

18. —That’s insane!

19. Go ahead—let me hear you say it.

More practice:

20.  A panther ate a thousand earthworms before running a marathon.

21. Gather your clothing together and pack it in your suitcase.

22. Nothing you say will change anything I choose to do.

Intro & Outro Music: La Pompe Du Trompe by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com

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